Grow Your Own ~ another lesson learnt

I got a shock yesterday when I went to my plot. My beautiful home grown sweetcorn, which was perfectly ripe and was to be picked for freezing was a gonner!

Sweetcorn growing and ripening


photo from Wikipedia


I could weep! There was I looking forward to munching on fresh corn for dinner tonight, and planning on freezing batches of it for winter. Humph and grumph, the Badgers got there fisrt. So memo to self, when your corn is ripe and ready for picking, PICK IT, don’t leave it for another week.

Lesson learnt!

I guess I’ll just have to hold onto the positives – we did get to eat and enjoy some of the corn, just not all of it 🙂


  • Awww, no way! That feeling is horrid, I’ve tried something like it myself. Both with my courgette plants that got eaten by slugs and my lettuce and spinach that drowned in the summer rain :/ Stupid nature!

  • This happened to me, although I think it was a raccoon? I was only growing pop corn, though, not even sweet corn. The animal must have been so disappointed, he left all the corn behind but destroyed.

  • how frustrating to have it all destroyed! I don’t know what’s worse to have your efforts destroyed or to thave them destroyed and eaten! let’s hope for better luck all round next year 🙂

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