Seafood and Wine Festival

Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival is around the corner. a weekend of foodie indulgence, right on the beach. What could be better?!

I love wandering around the stalls, seeing who’s cooking what, trying to decide on what I want to eat 1st, then 2nd and so on. Taste testing the Sussex wines and champagnes – or should I say sparkling wines. Bumping into friends and neighbours. Listening to the bands performing. And generally watching the world go by. Bliss!

So to the food – all of it is FRESH, the majority of it is very LOCAL, and it’s all TASTY. From scallops cooked in their shells on a barbeque, to grilled fish in a bread bun, onto lightly curried fish, or fried whitebait with a wedge of lemon. I know there will be lots to tantalise my taste buds.

And then onto the drinks -what to try as an appetiser, and what to have to eat with the food? Decisions, decision, decisions! The local wine producers keep on getting better and better – with fresh and zingy whites and fabulous smooth Rose champagnes.

Don’t you just love festivals?

It’s a great chance to celebrate Hastings and St Leonards On Sea. All that it has to offer. With the local chefs and restaurants out in force, running food displays and mini tutorials on local fish and how to prepare and cook simple dishes. It’s about celebrating some of the best things we have in this corner of the South East – fresh fish, a passion for the area, and a love of the sea.

A perfect festival.


And here’s some links all about the festival which os on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September 2011 – Hastings Council and Visit 1066

And to round things off nicely my best friend is visiting for the weekend. Yaay! More to celebrate!


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