Living by the sea

It’s a Sunday in late summer, early evening and the sun is still out, lower now in the sky, and the moon is just visible.

It’s a bright and blustery kind of day. We walk onto the seafront and the wind immediately whips around you. We set off into the direction of the wind and the sun. The sea is lively – with rollers crashing onto the beach, and what with the wind and the noise of the sea rolling back over the pebbles we have to raise our voices to be heard. There are other promenaders out, jogging, walking their dogs, or simply strolling. Taking the sea air.

The gull’s are either hunkered down facing into the wind or swooping and wheeling above us. Their cries silenced by the wind.

We watch the windsurfers and kitesurfers, racing into the wind, deftly turning and charging back towards the beach. Watching them feels exhilarating. The sun is dipping further into the west, the surf is up and so is a misty haze – creating a salty sea air. I should have brought a hat, my ears are burning. We stand and watch the surfers, a few go down, struggle back up, and then they are off again, skipping and jumping the waves.

We turn our backs into the wind for the walk home, it moves us along. My sunglasses will need cleaning they are sticky with salty sea air. My cheeks are brighter for the breeze and fresh air.

Back home for cups of tea and days like this remind we why I love living by the sea. I can see and feel it’s force, appreciate it’s openness, and revel in it’s beauty. It makes me feel alive. Happy days.

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