Kitchen clutter?

I have some lovely things – I’m talking about items that have a memory attached, are worn and well used,  or simply lovely to look at. But do they constitute clutter?

This is my mum’s measuring jug. Wonky, dented and imperfect. But still beautiful.  Mostly it sits on a shelf under the kitchen counter. And every now and then I remember it, give it a clean, try and use it to measure some basic ingredient out like sugar or flour. But mostly it’s kept because of the memories. Precious sums it up.

I could measure all sorts of things, many of which I’m never likely to need – Tapioca being one of them. That just makes it even more special in my eyes.

Sometimes I wonder about the things I have – are they cluttering up my life? Do I need them? Do I place too much attachment on possessions? Maybe, maybe not. To me they are every day reminders, of happy times, of loved ones, of places visited, people met, meals cooked, food shared.

If I wanted to live a simple, paired down life I’d have to “rationalise” all these things. So maybe a paired down life isn’t the life for me.

Yes the kitchen scales I have are more functional for measuring out ingredients, and to be honest probably more accurate, but they are nowhere near as great to look at.

In the meantime, it’s still functional, even though I will never have the need to measure out a portion of Sago, Semolina or Dried Milk. What the hell, it looks lovely, maybe I should bring it out more often!


  • Your mom’s measuring cup is lovely! This type of decision making is very familiar to me. Just this week, I gave my daughter an entire set of everyday dishes, with 12 place settings to make room in my kitchen. The dishes were in perfect condition. I proceeded to immediately fill up the open space! Later I visited my mom, who is 85. We talked about the late summer canning mania and the local County fair. I returned home with both of the large (LARGE) canning pots, and several strainers. Oh, and a sifter we used for many years. I have not put these away yet. LOL.

    • Thanks Deb. I’m in good company then! A friend of mine said she liked moving house as it meant you could get rid of lots of junk, only to start all over again.
      There’s a great post in your comment……

  • Okay that is probably the coolest gadget ever! I love it! Once I had a Spoon that you could adjust the quantity of liquid it held but it leaked a lot. yours looks like a much better contraption — very cool!


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