How to save seeds from Heritage Peas

From being planted out in early March; to being greeted by a mass of multi-coloured pea flowers in April and May; then on to the nibbling of fresh pods straight from the plant; to collecting bagfulls in June for eating fresh or freezing for winter; to leaving them on the plants to dry and protecting them from hungry pigeons and mice with netting in July.

They are now on the windowsills in bowls finishing drying, before they are saved and stored in envelopes for using next year or for sharing with seed swapping friends.

Climbing Peas in Flower

Robinson’s Purple

I just need to remember / figure out how to repeat it all again next year!

Gardening Notes ~

Varieties grown – Champion of England, Carruthers Purple, Magnum Bonum, Robinsons Purple Podded,  Salmon Flowered, Simpsons Special, Serpette, Telephone, Winterkeefe

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