Aubergines YES, YES, YES!

After my post of “nearly nearly” we have eaten the 1st 2.

Only 2

But still 2 more than last year.

Not exactly a bumper crop but it is a result …….. of sorts.

There are a few more growing and the plants seem healthy and sturdy.

What I need to consider is whether or not to grow them again next year. are they worth the bother? Are they special enough in terms of wow taste factor to keep on growing? Or should I use the space in the greenhouse for something else, Bitter Gourds, Yard Long Green Beans, more herbs; you name it there are plenty of veggies I want to give a whirl.

Or maybe I need to consider what I could do better, how I could improve my crop, maybe even how to double it?! How to hand pollinate, check out other varieties that have a short growing season.

Decisions, decisions

Cooking Notes ~

We ate them simply grilled alongside some courgettes and summer squash, with some homemade tomato sauce, a few basil leaves and some grated parmesan cheese, and of course a green salad.

Gardening Notes ~

Aubergine Long Purple

Long Purple


  • I have never been successful growing what we call “eggplant” in the foggy climate here along the coast of California. Aubergines is so much more elegant, than eggplant! I applaud your tenacity. They look lovely!

    • Thanks for stopping by. You know my teachers at school always wrote in my reports that I lacked tenacity – shows you what they knew! I think that the aubergines won’t be making it onto next years grow list – too much effort for the reward. But heck, I’ve tried and done it 🙂

  • I just read your seed saving post’s! Thank you for the great tutorial and pictures. I am saving seeds right now of my best heirloom tomatoes I grew this year.
    Thanks for visiting my blog–I hope to spend more time at it and improve in my posting also.

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