Winter Squash Growing Progress

The Winter Squash are well under way. So much so I can barely see the fruit for the leaves. I have to get on my hands and knees and peer under leaves to catch a glimpse of the squash growing.

I can’t take any photos of the Bon Bon’s, Queensland Blue or Crown Prince as the canopy of foliage is too dense. Ditto For the Kikuza and the Orange Cushaw, they are there somewhere I just can’t see them at the moment. That can only mean happy plants.

I’m able to get to the Anna Swartz Hubbard, Australian Butter, Black Futsu, Green Striped Cushaw, Little Gem,  Potimarron and Spaghetti Squash. The Burgess Buttercup seems to have given up, and the Blue Banana bought it early on in the season.

From planting out in June, through to settling in properly in July, to romping away in August.

We just need a good September and October for them to fully ripen on the vine, then we’ll have a very happy and bountiful winter


  • All these squashes with such fantastical names! Can’t wait to see them as they grow to maturity. And please share your recipes for fall’s bounty!

    • Thanks Deb, they are so much fun, every shape, size and colour you can imagine, let alone the names. And as they are great keepers over winter, we gradually eat our way through them, so yes there will be recipes 🙂

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