True Potato Seeds the first are through

The first of the potatoes from the True Potato Seeds (TPS) Tom Wagner sent me (Howie Mandel),are about to be eaten. They were from a plant that was resolutely not flowering so a perfect excuse for me to dig and root around to see what was growing underneath.

It’s like digging for gold without knowing exactly what a gold nugget look like or what to expect, will there be gold or will there be a heap of soil?!

These are the beauties

And I’m about to cook and eat them….


  • Just discovered your blog! Fabulous photos! And very impressed by your garden. My tomatoes are still green, as we’ve had a very foggy summer. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Deb, and thanks for your positive comments, it’s great to get feedback. And I’ve just enjoyed a potter around your blog, very inspiring. It’s great to meet another foodie, and a Steinbeck fan to boot! re the tomatoes, I’ve only got ripe ones as they were grown in the greenhouse, the outdoor plants are miserable – a tale of 2 summers!

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