Seed Saving and Tomato Gloop

10 simple steps to saving tomato seeds

I’m saving some seeds of a heritage Tomato variety – Blue OSU.

Saving seeds from Tomatoes is very simple, and a great one to start with for beginners to seed saving (that’s me!).

1. You need a ripe, open pollinated tomato – no F1’s.

2. Cut the tomato open

3. Scoop the seeds out of the tomato, Tomato seeds have a jelly like casing around them

4. Put the seeds in a jar of clean water, by putting them in water the jelly stuff will start to dissolve away from the seed

5. Leave the tomato seeds in the jar for a few days, you will need to freshen the water

6. When the water starts to be clear and the jelly gloop dissipates, strain the tomato seeds (a tea strainer is perfect for this job)

7. Place the seeds onto a piece of absorbent paper (kitchen towel) and leave to dry out

8. Remember if you are saving more than one variety at a time, label them – trust me, you won’t remember which is which!

9. When the seeds have dried out (after a day or so) scrape them off the paper and store in an envelope, again labelled with details of variety and year saved

10. All ready for next years growing. Now you just need to remember where you stored them!

See I told you it was simple

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