Salmon Flowered Peas

Salmon Flowered Peas look stunning, with their flowers coming together at the top of the plant.

They are a climbing pea, and grew to about 5 feet high, and needed the support of canes and twine. The pea pods only have a few peas in – maybe 2 or 4, but they were tasty and as they are a heritage variety I want to save them and pass them on to fellow gardeners.

and I have to confess that I thought I’d done something wrong when I first saw the flowers forming at the top of the plants. Now I know, I’ll relax a little for next year.

As I’ve been shelling the peas for seed saving and sharing, I came across a few pods with distinctly and differently coloured peas from the standard ones, a real red colour. They still have the smooth texture of Salmon Flowered Peas.

drying seeds

I wonder if they have cross-pollinated from other peas growing nearby, or are these some kind of mutants?

Of course I plan to sow them next year to see what grows. Another great reason to garden – the unexpected is predictable!

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