Philosophical gardening

It’s the 1st of August and the plot is bursting at the seams. And somehow I still have to find room for more winter vegetables and salads.

The climbing beans are a lush jungle of foliage and flowers, the winter squash are on a takeover bid, the tomatoes are fattening and ripening up, and the corn is shaping up.


As ever there ate some hits and misses. Each year brings new varieties to try out – some work some don’t. The weather is never perfect. You always forget to do something. I’m forever behind on jobs. The pests and the peskies seem to continue unabated. I still make mistakes. you worry (maybe too strong a word) that your veggies for seed saving would come good. Oh, and I always try and cram too much in – the beans are a case in point. And will I ever be able to grow aubergines, remains to be seen

I still love gardening. And I love growing and eating my own food. You just need to be philosophical about it all. Hold onto your triumphs, and start dreaming about next year.


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