A respite from courgettes

We are eating loads of courgettes and summer squash, all shapes and sizes picked fresh from the plot. And lovely they are too.

It’s that time of year when you start getting inventive. So Saturday saw them in the Moroccan Style Salad, Monday saw them fried in garlic, with some fresh chopped tomatoes, olives in pasta, sprinkled on top with feta cheese and fresh oregano. And maybe later in the week will see a few chopped up into a dal, or fried quickly in a Thoran with some curry leaves, chillies and coconut. and then there are always the ones I’ve pickled for use in sandwiches. And for next week there is always a risotto or a curry, or fritters served with tzadziki or simply grilled with some chopped mint and a salad dressing, and then there is always another variation involving pasta.

It’s a good job we like them so much!

But tonight is designated a night off. It’s Hastings Old Town week and we are off to see the Bike race tonight, and as it’s so warm and sultry here I think Fish and Chips on the beach is called for. And yes I’ll be having mushy peas with them.

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