Drying and Saving Heirloom Peas

From being planted out at the end of March, to the 1st pickings, and to freezing the gluts, and surviving raids by pigeons, I’ve now pulled the plants up and picked the dried or drying pea pods. I’ve had to wait for some dry weather, no use picking damp pea pods. They are all crinkly and papery to touch, but I seem to have lost a lot to the pigeons, so memo to self for next year – net and net early.

Robinson’s Purple

They are all now in bowls on windowsills to finish off drying. the plan is to have plenty for seed saving and seed swaps.

I went to the plot today to pick the last batch, Magnum Bonum from HSL which took longer to start producing flowers and pods and so is a maincrop or late pea. A few weeks ago I had to net them as I could see that some of the peas were being eaten by pigeons, but now I’m not so sure, as lots of the pods had opened up but there were no peas to be found on the ground.

My only thought is that they’ve been munched by fury fiends, yes that is friends without the R. So I need to figure a way to protect the peas from our fury fiends, and the only way I can see working is if I pull the plants up and dry them at home/in the garden away from the wildlife on the plot. So instead of picking them mid to late July I should pull them at the end of June / beginning of July.

The next problem to deal with is where do I hang them? The former outside loo – now a shed or on the washing line…..

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