Howie Mandel ~ it’s all in the name


There’s me pottering about in the garden and the allotment, growing some True Potato Seed (TPS), called Howie Mandel and I (finally) get round to thinking about how Tom Wagner names his potato varieties – they vary from Smurfs to Pigs Don’t lie, to Front Man to Skagit Magic and of course Howie Mandel.

Now as a Brit, many of these names are meaningless (apart from the Smurfs!), so I started to Google. and yes I made the connection. Howie Mandel is a comedian, a presenter of America’s Got talent, a Canadian, a man with a goatee.

But where on earth is the connection between a potato and this man? Will my potatoes have American Talent? Or smack of the Canadian outback? Or look like they have a goatee? Or does he have an infinity with potatoes? Eats lots of them? Or has there been a noted incident involving potatoes?

One of life’s little puzzles

Howie Mandel – wiki

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