Climbing French Beans

What a difference a month makes

Climbing French Beans: – Borlotti, Madiera Maroon, Kew Blue, Australian Sweet Purple, Major Cook and Red & White

Major Cook’s Bean

“This bean was given to our donor, Mr Luxton, by his father in 1960. Mr Luxton senior had been given seeds of this variety by Major Cook, a colleague of his during his work for The Commonwealth War Graves Commission in the 1920s. Major Cook is thought to have developed the variety. Pretty purple-violet flowers are followed by stringless beans with a very fine flavour.” (HSL)

Kew Blue

“Originally from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, this variety has been handed down for at least three generations in our donor’s family. The purple-pink flowers are complimented by purple-tinged leaves and stems, and followed by purple pods. A healthy and vigorous vine producing a prolific crop of tender pods. Perfect for eating fresh, and when dried the beans have a rich, nutty flavour.” (HSL)

Red and White

“Donated by Mrs Jean Sherier of Hastings this is a tall variety with yellow-green foliage. The pods are green when they first set, but change to red and white when the seeds inside (also red and white) start to form. Garden Organic Member Mr M Hyde found that they cropped well, even in very dry conditions. Seed Guardian Elaine Banham says “extremely beautiful, like glowing jewels when in sunlight”. The young beans are delicious when eaten fresh and the dried seeds have a lovely ‘butter bean’ flavour. “(HSL)

Madeira Maroon

Beans and Herbs describe Madeira Maroon as a “ Vigorous bean
with pale pink flowers. Large bean pods with big mottled maroon seeds. A
pleasure to shell out. Eat freshly shelled seeds, or leave to dry for a baking
bean for winter” Seed from a seed swap.  BeansandHerbs

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