Comedy Carrots

‘Tis the season of Comedy Carrots

Loved Up Carrots

I’ve come to the conclusion that homegrown carrots taste so radically different from anything you buy in the shops, regardless of their shape and size, that I need to sow more, more, more.

The Seeds from HSL – Altrincham had such poor germination rates, I’ve pulled and eaten the few that made it, to make way for a different variety. the Mokum and Touchon have done as well as ever, producing nice sized roots, with good colour and taste.

Now it’s time to sow some of the coloured varieties and some to grow into late Autumn/ Early Winter – Yellowstone, Purple Haze, Royal Chantenay and Autumn King.

I made a decision this week to not even attempt to try and save seeds from Carrots, I’m too much of a novice seed-saver and too many things can go wrong – particularly as you need to store them over winter.

Carrot Thinings

And for Sunday lunch – a starter of Carrot Salad….

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