Seed Saving, Sods Law and his mates

As a novice seed saver there is loads to learn, and the way I learn is through experience.

Sometimes that experience is roughly planned and roughly as predicted, other times it seems to involve Sod’s Law.  After a couple of recent days of “discoveries” I started to think about what you need to do to be successful or what to realise can go wrong ~

  • If you don’t live alone, an understanding partner / family. Who is prepared to live with things drying, bowls of seed heads and seeds, borders that might not necessarily conform or look their best
  • Lots of bowls. To either finish drying seeds off or to empty seed pods in
  • Ditto jam jars for cleaning and saving tomato seeds
  • Netting to keep Pigeons off your drying peas
  • Patience – you keep your eye on plants to be ready to pick
  • The fact that out of a row of plants the one you want to save will be in the middle of the row
  • When you think you have managed to pollinate, by hand, a particular plant, it’s worked, and you have saved the seeds, then next year when it’s started growing you realise that your precious seeds have been cross-pollinated, and not what you expected, yes I’m talking about you Little Gem Rolet.

This is no doubt an on-going list

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