Ready Steady Cook

Summer is here when I come home from the allotment with a bag full of veggies that were ready to be picked and then have to decide what to cook. That’s when it is a “Ready, Steady, Cook” night.  Before having the allotment, I used to judge the start of summer when my elderly neighbour used to wear her summer jacket, a lemon coloured number as opposed to her winter coat, a maroon number. Still miss her loads.

I sometimes I get inspiration from the veggies themselves, maybe a combination of flavours, or a particular style of cookery, or from a reference book. My tried and tested books for these “Ready, Steady, Cook” moments are Sophie Grigson, and Leith’s Vegetable Bible. Lots of ideas and often simple recipes.

I didn’t need to look up any recipes tonight though, as the harvest was Salads (Merveille De Quatre Saisons and Romana Bionda Degli Ortolani), Peas (Telephone and Champion of England), Courgettes (Yellow Jemmer and Cavili), the thinings of the Carrots (Mokum) and a handful of cherry tomatoes and mint. I simply lightly fried them all in some olive oil (with added water), this season’s garlic, and a couple of  chillies from the freezer (Pretty in Purple) and then squeezed some lemon juice and sprinkled some chopped mint on them. Served with Spaghetti (very lightly buttered) and a dressed salad.

Summer days are here

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