Winter Squash

The winter Squash are in.

Squash Bed

A mamouth planting session last week saw 18 plants planted and labelled up. Then Sod’s Law came along in terms of a change in the weather with it turning cooler and wetter, but they seem to be settling in. I always expect the winter squash to sulk a little when first planted out – they seem to take stock of their new surroundings for a while before finally settling in and growing.

They have all been given a shovel full of manure, a good watering in, and some straw as a mulch.

MAXIMA GROUP – Queensland Blue, Blue Banana, Potimaron, Crown Prince, Burgess Buttercup, Australian Butter, Bon Bon and Anna Swartz Hubbard

MIXTA GROUP – Orange Cushaw, Green Stripped Cushaw (aka Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash )

PEPO GROUP – Little Gem Rolet, Spaghetti Squash

MOSCHATA GROUP – Black Futsu and Kikuza

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