Peas going full pelt

Mid June and the Heritage climbing peas planted at the end of March are in full swing.

It is the first year, so far, that I have managed to successfully grow peas. Considering the dry and warm Spring we have had I’m delighted at the results.But I do  have to remind myself to stop munching on them when I’m working on the plot, as the majority are for seed saving.

Ahead of the growing game are Champion of England and Telephone, they are in full production, and are both producing fat pods with approx. 9 round juicy peas.

Winterkeefe Mangetout has distinct pods which are almost translucent, so that you can see the peas forming clearly inside.

Of the Purple Podded varieties Robinson’s Purple Podded seems to be the first and strongest grower, with pods of 6 green peas.

Magnum Bonum and Simpson’s Special have been later in producing flowers, but the bright white of the Magnum really stands out.

I almost gave up on the Salmon Flowered, but it has been worth the wait for the flower alone.

Serpette Guilloteau and Carruther’s Purple are starting to form

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