Time for Cucurbita or Winter Squash Planting Out

For me, planting out the Cucurbita is a full on task, and as ever my eyes are bigger than my belly.

Ausie Blues

I had a few non-germinations ~ Mountaineer, Boston and Ash. I haven’t bothered to re-sow, I’ll wait another year to gives these squash a go, as in the meantime I have plenty to keep me occupied.

The cucumbers were the first in – Mirella, Cucino and Iznik – all small outdoor varieties.

Next up came the courgettes ~ Jemmer (a yellow), Cavili (a delicious white/green coussa type), and White Volunteer

Followed by summer squash ~ Summer Crookneck

Then the Italians are represented by Rugosa Fruilano, Serpette Di Sicilia and Tromba D’Albenga – all of which are new to me this year, some I’ve planted near fencing or frames in the hope that they will climb. We’ll see what the summer brings.

And this week brings the Winter Squash – 19 plants to dig holes for, to fill with manure, to cover with straw, to water in, to label up, to mark the planting holes with a stick (and a bottle on top) so I know where to water when they are in full on growth.

Happy Days.

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