Drunken Woman and a Fat LazyBlonde

There’s something I think I can aspire too!

I’m talking about lettuce Drunken Woman (aka Rossa Di Trento) and Fat Lazy Blonde, both from Thomas Etty Seeds, who had a stall at the Brighton and Hove Seedy Sunday event. And I bought them based entirely on their names, I couldn’t resist.

However I think I may have already achieved my aspirations. Lying in bed, just before I turn the lights out, I scan the ceiling to check if the resident spider is there, and sure enough he or she can be seen scuttling across the ceiling. And it is at this point I can confirm that I will NEVER live in a house that doesn’t have spiders in residence. Houseproud? Yes, I love my home. Obsessive about cleaning? No, I have better things to do.

So, I just need to book an appointment at the hairdressers for a colour and eat a few more cakes.

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