Egyptian Onion update

I finally got round to reading up about these beauties, after I wondered what to do with them.

They are known as Topsetting Onions / Egyptian Onions / Walking Onions, related to the common onion and Welsh onions (in terms of genes).

From what I’ve read you can eat the shoots in Spring (well I’ve missed that boat!) and then they will flower and then around mid summer they will start forming bulblets and literally start bending over towards the ground – so they appear as if they are “walking”. And from there start to sprout and re-grow.

Mine have come into flower , which seems early, but it could be down to the distinct lack of rain this Spring, maybe the plants feel ‘stressed’ and are propagating themselves now?

But what do you do with them in terms of cooking – well I could dig the plant up and cook the root, or I could use the green stems in Spring. But as I want to try and propagate them I’ll leave the plants in the ground for now, and will have to wait till next Spring before I sample them and figure out some recipes.

This growing your own is a real game of patience or should I say “Patience Dear!” ? probably not, there’s no need to patronise the Walking/Eyptian Onions is there!

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