D – Day

D is for decision time

What Squash will I grow this year? From a long list of 50+, yes that is fifty, as in five zero, to a shorter list to the final cut.

But how to decide?

  • what has grown well for me in the past – such as Queensland Blue, Gem/Rolet,
  • what takes my fancy – odd shaped like Lunga di Napoli
  • what looks bonkers – Friulano
  • what has had rave reviews – Summer Crookneck
  • whats in my stash……..
  • what swaps I’ve done over the previous year – Kikuza
  • what i know is tasty – Crown Prince
  • Where can I grow them – upwards?, bush types seem to be few and far between
  • Because I can! – Ash Gourd
  • what space I have – increasingly limited!

I guess the last point ultimately determines how many I grow.

Oct – Winter Squash

I sift through the packets, make lists, have another sift, ponder a bit, then wander up to the plot and do a rough count of areas where I can grow the winter squash, actually that should read where I think I can squeeze them in, and then rashly decide! ultimately there seems to be no science to decision making in my head!

Having chosen, my list looks like something resembling the United Nations, only a United Nations of Squash representing a cross-section of the globe, with a few countries dominating, except a bit more orderly and there is no representation from the British! – but the French, Indian, Italian, American, South African, Australian, Japanese are all there.

Ausie Blues
Name Family Group
Australian Butter Maxima Australian Blue
Blue Banana Maxima Banana Group
Bon Bon Maxima Buttercup
Crown Prince Maxima Australian Blue
Potimarron Maxima Mamouth (?)
Boston K/A Boston Marrow Maxima Hubbard
Mountaineer Maxima Hubbard
Queensland Blue Maxima Australian Blue
Burgess Buttercup Maxima Buttercup
Orange Cushaw Mixta Cushaw
Black Futsu Moschata Japonica
Kikuza Moschata  ?
Lunga Di Napoli Moschata Neck
Little Gem Rolet Pepo Pumpkin
Cornell’s Delicata Pepo Acorn
Green Striped Cushaw Argyrosperna Callicarpa
Ash Gourd

I’m putting together some descriptions and photos, and will add these later

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