Blue String Soup

Yes, in honour of the Clangers, I’m growing Blue String Soup.
I’m actually trying to grow climbing peas, up canes and I’ve used blue plastic string to tie the canes together and for the peas to latch onto. And when I stood back and looked at the end result couldn’t help but be reminded of the Clangers and Blue String Soup.
So a few pictures of my very own Clanger, made for me a few years back by a lovely, if not slightly nutty friend
This year is, I hope, the year of the Pea. I have some wonderful varieties to try mostly heritage and heirloom which I’ve either bought, been given or swapped for ~
  • Carruthers’ Purple
  • Salmon Flowered
  • Robinsons’ Purple
  • Telephone
  • Champion of England
  • Serpette De Guilloteau
  • Simpsons’ Special
  • Winterkeefe
  • Magnum Bonum
  • Piccolo De Provenzale
  • D’Annonany
  • Meteor
And here are some of the peas and the Blue String
PeasI’ll add some details about the peas later.

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