Koussa – it’s all in a name

Kousa / Cousa / Koussa – It’s all in the name

The current news about the Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa flying into Britain and defecting from Libya keeps making me think of courgettes. Probably not an immediate connection for most people, and possibly not in the best of taste but I can’t help but think about courgettes every time I hear the name Moussa Koussa (it also sounds like the perfect name for a UN leader, think Boutros Boutros-Ghali, a name with comedy potential).

The Kousa or Cousa is a white or very pale green coloured courgette that has pale flesh and is a great summer vegetable, perfect for use raw in salads or lightly cooked in olive oil with garlic, or in an omlette, and on the list could go!

Tradiitionally Kousa is a Middle Eastern dish of courgettes stuffed with minced meat and herbs. I have a Claudia Roden recipe where she makes the dish and adds dried apricots to the sauce. A veggie version would have chick peas or lentils like Puy, instead of the meat for the stuffing.

I’ve tried a couple of white courgettes – Cavili (F1) and White Volunteer‘ Cousa Courgette from Real Seeds. Both were tasty and successful, and are on my grow list for this year.

And for those that don’t think they like courgettes, based on those huge dark green dried out things they sell as courgettes in the veg shops, think again, these are so superioir in taste and flavour.

The link for Real Seeds Cousa courgettes – http://www.realseeds.co.uk/courgettes.html

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