An Indian Summer

Listening to the cricket has reminded me that I bought several packets of seeds in India. We spent a month in Kerala back in December, largely doing nothing except a bit of yoga, lots of sitting in the shade and reading, oh and supping on a chilled beer or two and eating great South Indian food.

Seed Packets

Where we were staying, a couple of times a week a grey haired gentleman with an open box stuffed full of seed packets came past – it was only a matter of time before I succumbed! He had masses of flowers, lots of veg and herbs, some I knew I wouldn’t be able to grow, others I thought, what the heck, give them a go.

Now, I have no idea whether my Indian seeds will even germinate, grow, come true, or produce, but for less than 10 Rupees a packet (and yes, I know I paid over the odds, but he did give me a few extra packets) it was another what the heck moment. The packets all have simple hand painted prints on the fronts and the potential fun was too much for this seedaholic to resist.

So I bought –

  • Cluster Beans – big podded variety
  • Ash Gourd
  • Bitter Gourd – Kerala
  • Dhoodhee – Bottle Gourd Long
  • Capsicum – Elephants Trunk
  • Chilli – Pusa Long Varieties Early
  • Chilli – Long Varieties Early
  • Chilli – Suraz Mukhi

I’ve sown some of the chillies, and will get round to the beans and the gourds in the next month or so. Looking at them I think they will stand the best chance if I grow them on in my greenhouse, even so I still think I’ll be pushing my luck, but what the heck, what gardener doesn’t like a challenge?!

So will it be an Indian Summer?

Extra info about the seeds
Ash Gourds further info –

South Indian recipes for Ash Gourd sound delicious –

Capiscum – Elephants Trunk – Info from Wiki Gardener – Elephant trunk is an east Indian mild-hot chilli pepper. The fruits are deep red in colour and shaped like an elephant’s trunk. They grow up to 15cm (6in) long. 90 days

Chilli – Pusa – I can find reference to –

  • Pusa Jawala – A hot chile from India. Long, 4-5 inches, normally thin, generally crinkled/twisted cayenne type chile. (Capsicum annuum)
  • Pusa Jawala Orange – Brightly coloured corkscrew shaped Cayenne with a wrinkly top. (Capsicum annuum)

I also found references on Garden Web – Chillies – The most popular form of chilli in India , Jwala, is long, slender with when unripe has green colour and turns to red in ripe stage. Jwala means “Volcano” in Hindi and are extremely pungent. Jwala is found in Kheda and Mehsana in Gujarat .

Chilli – Suraj Mukhi
Info from Plants medium tall with moderate branching habit perennial in nature. Fruits bear upright, 10-15 fruits per bunch,2.5 -3.5 inches long, dark green when immature and shining red at maturity, highly pungent but tempting taste. Fruits mature after 75 days of transplantation

Bitter Gourd – Kerala And

Dhoodhee – Bottle Gourd Long –


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