My pride and joy

Orange watering can
A treasured possession

A small plastic orange watering can with a long spout – it has to be one of my most treasured possessions.

I bought it for my mum as a Mothering Sunday present back in the days when things cost 2 /6.

The design is perfect, small enough to handle, the long spout reaches into the pots, perfect for watering house plants and precious seedlings, oh and it’s orange – a real late 60’s/70’s colour!

40 years on, and it’s still going strong. And with Mother’s day next weekend, I can’t help but remember and praise this little watering can – and a way of me saying hello to my mum every time I use it.


  • Reblogged this on Promenade Plantings and commented:

    A post from two years ago, the sentiment still holds true.
    It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK and for all of those who aren’t visiting, sending cards or going to lunch we still remember you no matter how many years have passed.
    And in my case I’m still using the little orange watering can I bought you all those years ago.

  • This is such a sweet, heartfelt post! I’m so glad you re-posted it, as I didn’t see it first time around. I’ll be thinking of you, this U.K. Mother’s Day, as you think of you Mom. Hugs to you, Claire…

  • I was sitting in my mother’s kitchen this afternoon and I spotted an ancient looking (and half-dead) cactus in the corner and I pointed out that it was looking a bit rough. Mother pointed out that she had bought it for her mother when she got married nearly fifty years ago. She didn’t get on terribly well with her mother and methinks there was a slight ‘up yours’ in that purchase. Ironically half a century later she is looking after it (it’s a hideous looking thing) and it refuses to die.

  • I have one of them in my basement storage … pink of all colors … very similar. From IKEA 25 years ago.

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