True Potato Seed

A recent discovery for me. There are a heap of people out there growing potatoes from seed, saving the seeds, cross pollinating, mixing it up. And yes I couldn’t resist.

Tom Wagner of New World’s Seeds & Tubers has been growing and breeding Tomatoes and Potatoes for over 50 years, so a good place to start.

I’ve been sent Howie Mandel a True Potato Seed by Tom, here’s what he says’s about it

“‘HOWIE MANDEL’ is a cross of Mandel and John Tom Kaighin that I made recently.  This potato clone is an oval /long fingerling type with violet skin and light yellow flesh.  The seedlings will segregate for different colors of skin, but the flesh should be mostly yellow.  It has a great flavor from the Mandel…aka..Peanut…Almond…etc., and from the John Tom Kaighin which is a three way cross of Lumper to Tollocan and crossed to Tom Kaighin.

The TPS I would send is OP, which means it probably selfed itself, but could have some stray pollen as a pollinator.  The flavors of the different seedling tubers should be good to excellent and one should find a variety of cooking types…from floury to waxy.  My TPS to you is an invitation…a little seed from me for you to try!”

I have just sown them, indoors in 3 inch pots. They are sitting on a sunny windowsill, so “Compost watching” begins here!

TPS Howie Mandel
TPS Howie Mandel

One comment

  • You don’t need to go out and purchase a costly sack of growing potatoes, in spite of the fact that this year I did to give them a shot. I have grown a harvest of grocery store purchased potatoes and a grown a product of growing potatoes, planted them in the meantime as each other and learn to expect the unexpected.

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