Potatoes for my birthday

Back on the 25th February I planted a few potatoes in bags in the garden. The aim is to be eating some new spuds on my birthday in June. The soil being cold, wet and clay up at the allotment my best bet was to plant some in bags or buckets in the garden, to keep them nice and toasty.

It’s my 1st attempt at growing potatoes like this, I’ve read articles on it, seen photos of it, so it seemed like a bright idea to try it out for myself

I’ve planted, 2 Red Duke of York and 3 Sharpes Express. We grew the Red Duke of York’s last year, and were impressed enough to grow them again. truly tasty spuds.

Yesterday, 26th February, the 1st shoots of a Red Duke of York had started to show.

I know I’ll have to feed and water these spuds more than the ones on the plot, and have yet to decide on what and how to feed them Some research to be done

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