agape is love, anthos is flower

Agapanthus (9)

Agapanthus derives it’s name from the Greek Agape for love and Anthos for flower love flowers love love From budding beginnings through a full and blooming life cycle . These Agapanthus are dedicated to my friend Val for the love of flowers … Continue reading

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Behind Bars

No I haven’t changed career to work in a pub nor have I turned to a life of crime. Yet.

I’m talking about the need to protect my precious fruit bushes from intruders of the flutery-feathery kind. I’ve lost entire crops in previous years to our sweet-toothed avian friends, I think the sparrows in particular like them. Well so do I my friends!

So they are behind bars for their own protection. Well bars might be a bit of an exaggeration; netvyting slung over and loosely pegged down to be more precise.

Red Currants – with sun and warmth and yes rain, they are starting to fatten and ripen up. Not long now.