A 30 foot monster ~ and I planted the seed

I have a 30ft monster on my allotment and I planted the seed!

This week I’ve been picking, cleaning and storing the winter squash. It’s that time of year when I find out for certain what has grown well and what hasn’t.

For pure fun and to placate my inquisitiveness I unravelled this monster, a Crown Prince winter squash, and laid it out along the main path. It had twisted and turned around itself, and it had produced 3 winter squash. Happiness!

Crown Prince

I need to store these beauties for eating over winter. I wonder what I’ll make with them? Cakes, curries, risotto, pasta, you name it!

Photogenic Pumpkins

AustralianButter_22-09-11 (6)

“It’s the great pumpkin”~ Charlie Brown I think this Australian Butter is a real beauty and I can’t stop taking photos of it! It had to be picked early as the stem got broken, but it’s still a “beaut”.  Out of curiosity I … Continue reading