Stumbling over words

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I’m stumbling over words. Straining to capture and chronicle. Summer has seen a struggle. A struggle to document. Be it growth and development. Changes. Successes and failures. Festivities and feasts. Bright blousy beauties and hidden gems. Frustrations and slugs. Or should that read frustrating slugs? Weeks … Continue reading

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red, white and blue

Are you in a jubilant mood this weekend?

The UK is in the throes of being jubilant, you see a certain Maj is celebrating her reign on the throne. Events are being held all over the UK – pageants, tea parties, church bells rung, lighting beacons, bunting hung. You name it. We also have the luxury of a four-day weekend to help us celebrate.

Except it’s grey and overcast and is raining. And I’m sitting on the proverbial garden fence, you see I consider myself agnostic when it comes to royalty – neither an outright Republican nor a flag waving Royalist.

So I’ll just get on with my life here on the south coast. Besides they didn’t consult me on the dates - the last jubilee was on my birthday; a party in the garden, butterfly cakes with the icing melting it was so hot, party frocks and games. So this time around and not being ten I’ll be on my knees planting a zillion bean plants whilst planning what to do with my extra piece of allotment land. Yes Promenade Plantings is empire building :)

Jubilant gardening my friends!

Mystery Monday

Mystery as in what the heck was it that I planted sometime last summer?

A teeny plant given to me by an allotment friend. The said friend I haven’t seen for months so can’t ask.

All I remember is that it grows tall (TICK – now over 7 feet and rising), has purple-lilac flowers (TICK – the first few flower buds are starting to open), attracts bees (hopefully a tick) and maybe grows or comes from in the Channel Islands.

So can you solve a  mystery?

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Oh and if it continues to keep on growing it may become a murder mystery!