Tomatoes with Hats On and recipe bright ideas needed

Tomato stuffed with herbs and Prawns (6)

I grew some elephant garlic last year, admittedly by mistake – the bulblets had been left in the ground from the previous year, survived and grew. I love it when “gardening” works for me ! I remember seeing a programme on BBC … Continue reading

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D, E and F – I think Promenade Plantings is morphing into Sesame Street !

08_17_12_French Beans (11)

Fancy continuing the alphabetical tour of the allotment, garden and kitchen…… D is for Dill pickles and Dwarf French beans, we’ve already seen the Dahlias D is oops I forgot to sow Dill this year, but I am making Dill Pickles. I’ll post … Continue reading

Elephant Garlic

Blink and the flower head is showing

Elephant Garlic

The”scapes” or flower stalks are edible, and there seems to be mixed opinions as to whether or not letting the it flower reduces the size of the cloves or not. Last year I let one or two go to flower up on the plot and the bees and butterflies adored them, and so did I.

Elephant Garlic Flower head

This year I’m growing them in the garden and plan to let a few of them grow with the flower heads on. I love Allium flowers and think they’ll look stunning in a flower bed.  I can’t resist a strapping 6 foot Allium flower