Seasons come and go, soup stays and cats purr

Leonardo at work

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea In a beautiful pea green boat, They took some honey, and plenty of money, Wrapped up in a five pound note. The Owl looked up to the stars above, And sang to … Continue reading

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Catch Up Kitty

Catching up on recipes, catching up on writing up. Lots of ups!

I’ve been making my final WordPress Recipe Challenges, to supreme effect on the taste buds.

How could I spend winter in France and not make a French Onion Soup? Exactly. Tanya over at Chica Andalucia made Onion Soup for a rainy day, I made it for a day when the clouds came and covered the mountains and threatened more snow. I made it using a veggie stock, so un-French of me I know,  and the apartment filled to the smells of rich browning onions. Aaaaahhhh!

Pop in and see Tanya in her Spanish hide-away, it’s a magical beautiful place full of bright ideas, dry British humour, clever skills in and around the home and garden and delicious food. Her writing draws you into her Spanish influenced world.

But guess what, I forgot to photograph it. Sacre Bleu!

And talking of Blue, Noodle over at the Fat Noodle recommended a recipe that called for Blue cheese, how could I resist. OK I know I’m weak, but really! The Cipollini and Bleu de Gex Tart was outstanding.

Outstandingly rich and creamy. perfect sharing party food. I didn’t have the exact onions, so substituted shallots, I finally managed to find some Bleu de Gex cheese on the market – kind of tangy and creamy and rich all in one hit. I’ll confess I did hold back a bit on the creams and milks – I have a diary allergy, did you know that? Well these days it’s not a killer but I do need to be a bit careful. I struggle most with milk, cream and ice cream and very rarely have them. But some days and sometimes a recipe calls out for lashings of cream. So like a brave soldier going into battle I made the tart.

Rich? Yes! Flavoursome? Yes! A Dairy hit? Yes! Did I regret eating it a teeny bit? Yes and No!

What really stood out though was the clever use of herbs – sage, thyme and rosemary. If you fancy this high cholesterol hit then go for it, it is amazing. And if you can’t get Bleu de Gex cheese you can substitute Stilton or an Auvergne Blue.

And where are the photos? Well it was eaten before I remembered. Ooops!

Have you met Noodle before? She writes up the most fabulous recipes and currently seems to be on a chocolate roundabout, it kind of makes you giddy, but you know you want to sample. I did get round to making one of her recipes recently - Sweet, sticky, tangy and spicy streaky (pork) slices when I was home alone for a few days. This is my favourite kind of Noodle cooking, delicious, an easy recipe and finger-lickin’ good. I could eat these again and again. And I probably will!

I have one last recipe to make, but that’s for home as it’s fishy, and I want to get the best fishy bits I can for my plate.

So with a distinct lack of photographic evidence I’ll just have to make these dishes again. Oh the hardship of blogging. In the meantime I hope you enjoy catching up with Marcel, he’s growing, he’s a  big sturdy kitty who goes wandering to goodness knows where. The thinking is that he has several homes, and he likes to pop in on each of them.

Clever kitty I say!

Marcel Strikes Again

Remember meeting our new neighbour, Marcel?

He’s growing up fast. getting bigger, and cheekier. He sometimes pops in to see what we are up to, have a prowl around, or maybe find a scrap of paper that he can knock around our tiled floor.

The other day he popped in for a bit of R&R from the snow and cold. I was downloading photos and yes he just had to come and help me.

Hmm, what’s that

Ooo look it’s dangling down

I wonder, if I stare it out

No. Ok I’ll ignore it for a second

I bet I could

Jump up on it take it by surprise


Humph, it doesn’t move then

Oh well, you win some