The photos are blue and white

Snow and tree

The sound of tributaries rushingly contributing The scent of the Savoy – Fundue, Raclette and Tartiflette The crunch of snow underfoot Thunderous mountain machinery Steamy cafes, funky furnishings Of flocons dancing before you Rosy cheeks and dripping noses The sound … Continue reading

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We’re packing up and moving on, leaving the mountains and France with mixed emotions. We’ve had an amazing winter an incredible experience living in the Alps for a few months, a dream come true. There’s been a few bumps and bangs along the way – some literal. But it’s time to head home, to our home, our family and friends, the garden and the allotment, life and new work.

Time to take a personal look back.

Big blue skies, the incredible and the fantastical, the rush of energy and the slumps of deep sleep

Wooden farmhouses and new build chalets, opened and shuttered, glass glinting and reflecting, wood piles and wood smoke

The backdrop sound of rushing water and melting snow in the gullies below you, of fallen trees and opened pinecones


Big blue skies, fat snowflakes drifting down, clouds creeping through the valleys, of clouds enveloping you and the mountains, misting the views

Of life in the Savoie when the clump thump of ski boots and skiers is long gone


Quiet yogic movements and controlled breathe, stretches and pauses

Stomping feet, tired eyes, rosy cheeks, weary legs, wind-chapped lips and cold hands clapped

Rich mountain food, the chink of glasses and the sound of celebrations

Rebelchon, France

Hospitals, x-rays, physio, stinging pain and frustration, reminder of the bodies fragility, it’s recovery

Doggies, wags and woofs

Ski resort life – the build up and wind down, the rush and the wait


The noise and bustle of travel, the movement and the static

Deep powder, snow laden trees and the drip drip of icicles


Seeing the spectacular, of dizzying heights and highs, views down the valleys to distant lakes, of crevices, cracks and fissures of rock

Standing still, noticing the minutiae, Spring emerging


Snaking ski schools, the red of ESF, of instructions called out, admonishment and encouragement given, to the whooping and whizzing through powder

The scents of home cooking – freshly chopped ginger, garlic and chillies, of baking cakes, homegrown food and simple salads


The brights and synthetics of ski clothing, of hats in every shape, colour and texture, of fake fur and real fur, of tiny dogs wrapped up against the cold and curious puppies

Digs, France

Smiles and sharing, discovering the new and remembering old favourites

Deep dark forests, woodland clearings, open pistes and standing on top of the world


Heavily perfumed vin chaud, jazz in the bar, refreshing mint teas and cool beers


The sound of your skis running on freshly pisted runs, the crunch of snow underfoot and the stillness that early morning snow brings

The mechanics and machinery of skiing – the snow ploughs, the piste bashers, the ski chairs and drag lifts, of lorries laden with snow, of gritters and shovels, brushes and scrapers


The smell and taste of the Savoie - tartiflette and fondue, nips of génépi and the sweet-sour of myrtlle tarts

Hot coffees, bitter chocolate and wonderful company


Sunsets and pink mountains, mounds upon mounds of snow, frosted trees and the pale blue of frozen waterfalls

Overnight animal tracks, morning birdsong, chattering Magpies, darting robins, flitting blue tits and the tracks of skidoos

The quiet reflective light of snowy nights, of full moons, owls hooting in the woods and the deep dark

The playful paws of a kitten to deep purrs and crashing sleeps

Frenetic school holidays, excitable tired kids, hopeful parents, the gathering of family groups, bumper to bumper traffic

Crisp whites and fruity reds, greetings and nods of recognition


Solitary walks, distant friends, visitors and a few giggles


Wonderous sights, sounds and dreams


Steamy cafes, bustling markets and supermarket bright lights

Thin mountain air, the hit of cold on your lungs and of clouds of breath

Patterns in the snow, of ski tracks and muddy paws

Window shopping, people watching and warm lights in the distance


Tall stories and high jinx, the silly and funny

To the faintly ridiculous


Stopping and staring, wondering and wandering, feeling the warmth of the sun break through the cold

Of Christmas morning on the piste, pink champagne, new hopes and dreams

Exploring and sampling, tasting and nibbling, of new finds and old favourites


From under the eaves our morning, afternoon and evening view

Of a winter spent with my love.

Saturday Samosa – spicy vegetable samosa with filo pastry

French style supermarket shopping

It’s Saturday afternoon in the Alps and a concatenation of events means I’m making Samosa. I’m stuck indoors – it’s been a cloudy, misty, snowy, drizzly few days in the Alps with few and far between fleeting glimpses of sun before the … Continue reading