Peppers and Chillies

Saving seeds from Peppers is easy -

  • Sow early, preferably in February, they need a good head start to get going
  • Plant out after all chance of frost has gone.
  • Water regularly
  • When the peppers start to emerge, let them ripen on the plant

  • Cut the pepper in half, and scrape out the seeds

  • Put the seeds out to dry for a few days, they will change colour slightly as they dry
  • Bag and label and store in a cool dry place

The original post about peppers is here 

Notes ~

Pepppers and Chillies will cross-pollinate with any other Peppers or Chillies grown nearby.

To stop cross pollination either ~

  • only grow one variety
  • or use an Isolation cage or bag
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3 thoughts on “Peppers and Chillies

  1. I saved seeds from peppers I bought at a local farmers’ market last summer and grew several nice plants from them. Thanks for the tip about cross-pollination. I will be more careful next summer.

    • Hi and thanks for dropping by. It’s good to hear that my notes are useful, I’m not at all scientific so write them up with my brain in mind!
      You never quite know what you will get from cross-pollinated veggies, some can be a real treat, and others, well they are best left to science. Hope they turn out good

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