Ooooph and a Hooray!!

Or maybe more the polite way to express myself is “and breathe one, two three” .

A busy weekend and a few days at home and I’m pooped! I’m not used to this living the high life – parties, booze, pub grub, big breakfasts, lots of chat and silly games. Lovely. Quiet moments watching village cricket. Noisy moments when you go into Manchester to buy party clothes that you forgot or should I say left behind, nearly 300 miles away at home in the study.

Well Dressing in Derbyshire

In case you are wondering what a well dressing is, here’s a link for some basic information.

A few days at home with my brother, more chat and pub grub, breezy coastal walks, trips to the allotment to pick food for our meals (no gardening!), cooking up feasts alongside visits to art galleries. And a few quiet moments to gaze out to sea.

Then out and about to watch the Olympic Torch Relay when it came to Hastings and St Leonards. Crowds and crowds of cheering people lined the route.

A carnival atmosphere. Flags waved, whistles blown, balloons flown. Lots of fun and laughter.

And I realise I have LOTS of blogs to catch up on – I need to see what’s happening in your gardens, kitchens and lives. And then I need to catch up on my own blog - all the lovely comments to reply to, posts to write - including the garlic caption winner and the Olympic Park. I need to be a busy bee.

But just for now, it’s all quiet, lovely and peaceful. Aahhhh and breathe….. and then it will be time to get on my knees and weed!

And the Hooray ? Well the best news of the week, to a gardener anyway, are the reports that maybe, just maybe we will see some sun and feel some warmth very soon. Put it this way I haven’t watered the vegetable plants on the allotment this year at all. When I plant them out I give them a good water and that has been it. So a collective PLEASE to warmer weather! BBC weather article

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