A bagful, a sinkful, a plateful – maybe a bellyful

10_27_12_Swiss Chard growing on the allotment

I’m talking about growing, harvesting and cooking Spinach and Chard. It all starts around this time of year, sowing seeds in teeny pots to be planted out as young seedlings, watered in and forgotten about until autumn. Throughout Autumn and … Continue reading

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Tomatoes with Hats On and recipe bright ideas needed

Tomato stuffed with herbs and Prawns (6)

I grew some elephant garlic last year, admittedly by mistake – the bulblets had been left in the ground from the previous year, survived and grew. I love it when “gardening” works for me ! I remember seeing a programme on BBC … Continue reading

Mousse au chocolat and the secret trick …..

Chocolat eMousse (22)

 “Nearly everyone knows and appreciates the old and reliable formula for a chocolate mousse – 4 yolks beaten into 4oz of melted bitter chocolate and the 4 whipped whites folded in” –from Elizabeth David’s French Provincial Cooking Well they do … Continue reading

Fish names and their alternatives

Fresh Fish Sign_Hastings 2

As a coastal living foodie-gardener-blogger I read many, many recipes and sometimes get thoroughly confused “is that what I know as…..” often pops into my head. And then the tricky question of “I can’t get that fish locally”, let alone thinking … Continue reading