Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Sea Gull and Mussel

I hear or see the word horizon and can’t help but think of the expression “expand one’s horizons”, it means learning and experiencing new things.  Blogging is expanding my horizons – to different lives and loves. And I’m a part … Continue reading

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Fish names and their alternatives

Fresh Fish Sign_Hastings 2

As a coastal living foodie-gardener-blogger I read many, many recipes and sometimes get thoroughly confused “is that what I know as…..” often pops into my head. And then the tricky question of “I can’t get that fish locally”, let alone thinking … Continue reading

Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree……. TIMBER !!!!

Xmas Tree and lights (010)

Oh Christmas Tree where  did you grow? On the allotment of course…… It brings a new meaning to the expression “locally sourced or grown” doesn’t it ! Growing on the plot, blocking the light, growing too tall it had to … Continue reading

Remember, remember the 5th of November and a classic British Parkin recipe

11_03_12_Parkin (12)

Choices, choices, choices – it’s Bonfire Night and I’m not sure what to write about and how to illustrate my post. Do I chat about  the origins of Bonfire Night with the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot putting … Continue reading

A promenade promenading ~ the best laid plans ……..

09_22_12_Beach Hut (1)

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men …… thank you Robert Burns for your immortal words. They certainly apply to me! You see I had a lovely post admittedly written quickly, photos sorted and ready, all lined up; I wanted to say a … Continue reading

1st impressions – a changing and growing Great Dixter


The first words I wrote down when I came back from my recent visit to Great Dixter were exuberant, dense, lavish, lush, height, glorious, emotional Overwhelmed for a while, until I’d written a few more words – one liners, single … Continue reading