Photographing your prize turnip and other conundrums

USE_Turnip 2

So how do you take a photo of your prize turnip? That’s just one of the questions puzzling me this week. The other immediate thought is why on earth am I photographing my prize turnip let alone who’d have thought … Continue reading

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You say tomato I say tomato ! and a dippy pepper or should that be a peppered dip?

Pepper Flowers_07_25_12_

You say tomato I say tomato ! That doesn’t quite work written down does it?! But hopefully you know what I mean. I call them Peppers, you may call them Bell Peppers, Capsicum, Pimento, Poivron or Paprika all depending on where … Continue reading

It’s stopped raining, me and the bees are out and about

Rain, rain go away, come again another month. Go on buzz off!

The skies have cleared, the sun is peeking out, a bit weak and wobbly after the deluge, left wondering what on earth has been going on. You and me both sun!

It’s time I went up to the plot, took a look around, got some work done.

The garlic bed was weeded before the rain, I know I know, the weeds will come back, but I’m determined to have better garlic this year. We are down to our last garlic bulb, this year’s crop won’t be ready until mid June onwards. We need to get weeding and mulching and then sit back and wait, it’s had a good drink now it can start fattening up.

Fancy another garlic porn shot? There’s a bit of rust on it, but that’s ok it doesn’t seem to affect the bulbs, what I’m worried about is a repeat of white rot. But we say that word very quietly then walk away.

There is more hope in the shape of broad beans and a few early flowers – they need to get moving and growing, come on you know you want to, you know I want you to, so what’s holding you back?

Maybe I should pull the Mustard Greens, they are well past their best but no they can wait, I’m enjoying the size and colour of their leaves, they are deceptive – the peppery heat is a real POW! I’ll let them be a while longer.

We all have those jobs don’t we, that we put off ad infinitum. Mine is mowing grass. But the grass is in serious need of a haircut. My latest excuse? I’ll leave it for a few more days to dry out.

There’s work to catch up on but I daren’t walk on the soil, I will only compact it and then walk off a few inches higher with most of it attached to my boots. So I stand and stare out of the greenhouse and plot and plan

And then turn my back to get planting – beans of all shapes and sizes await me. Dwarf French beans – filet type, Climbing shelling beans of every hue with wonderous names capture me and my dreamy taste buds.

A bit more pondering and staring out to sea is always time well spent. The view from the greenhouse is one of those estate agent views – “sea glimpses”, but I can see a touch of blue in the churned up rainy grey today. There’s hope.

Check up on the seedlings and their progress, there are trays of Kohl Rabi, Brussel Sprouts, Salads and Beetroot making their first appearances into this new brave rain-free greenhouse world.

And then time to pack up for today, time for a last cup of tea and to sit in amongst the yellow clouds of brassica flowers and watch and listen to the bees.

On a last note I think my mother is spinning in her grave, so I’d like to make a public apology for the title of this post and the shocking use of the English language. Sorry mum, I couldn’t resist!