Ezme Salad and a Tomato Bucket List

Tomatoes_08_23_12 (2)

I first came across Ezme Salatasi in North London, oh yes the glamorous life for me. I lived in a part of London that has a large Greek, Turkish, Greek-Cypriot, Turkish-Cypriot population, along with just about every other nationality you can name, … Continue reading

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G, H, I of an Allotment and Kitchen

Gone To The Beach _08_17_12_(2)

On with the mystery magical tour G is for Green Tomatoes and Gem Squash G is for Gem Squash - a South African variety of squash which can be eaten young or stored over winter. A small vining squash that produces numerous Gems. Delicious eaten when boiled … Continue reading

Seedlings on a higher plain

Chillies (4)

All around the northern hemisphere gardeners are taking over their homes with pots and trays of seedlings, there’s Karen over at Back Road Journal whose beautiful bathroom temporarily housed her tomatoes, Celi at The Kitchens Garden as part of hardening the tomato plants off brings them indoors … Continue reading

Emergence and Soil Watching Duties

The first seedlings have made an appearance.

It’s the time of year when I start compost watching. Regularly checking in on the seed trays to see what has germinated, which translated means popping into the room where they are germinating in the warmth and sun, and staring at compost. Invariably nothing happens for days.

And then when your back is turned, up them come.

It’s a long way to go till summer when I get the first pickings of these tomatoes.

The tomatoes along with the peppers and chillies, have gone on a small journey, a temporary move 3 doors down to our friends and neighbours to look after them while I’m away. Bon voyage mes amis!