Cheating at Herbs

10_Parsley in terracotta pots

Are you a cheat? Would you cheat in certain circumstances?  What do you think about cheats and cheating? Maybe we need to think about the word cheat before we all get on our collective high judgemental horse; the English Oxford … Continue reading

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G, H, I of an Allotment and Kitchen

Gone To The Beach _08_17_12_(2)

On with the mystery magical tour G is for Green Tomatoes and Gem Squash G is for Gem Squash - a South African variety of squash which can be eaten young or stored over winter. A small vining squash that produces numerous Gems. Delicious eaten when boiled … Continue reading

Red and Green should never be seen (except maybe with Pink)

Chive Vinegar

In the case of lettuce I have to disagree, red and green salads look great growing on the allotment together and even better mixed together in a salad bowl. Soft buttery lettuce Bronze Arrow mixed with sharp crisp endive De Meaux. What’s … Continue reading

Garden Herbs and Spring Stirrings

There are signs of new life. The garden is stirring. Slowly waking up. Responding to the increase in day light and warmer weather. Bright yellow-green shoots emerging from the subterranean world.

I have yet to clear the garden from this Autumn-Winter. I leave the flower stalks and dead leaves until early Spring. The dried flower heads leave something for me to look at, some seeds for birds and somewhere for insects to over-winter.

The Chives will be coming out of their pots later this Spring and will be used as part of the Edible Edging I have planned in the garden.

Bronze Fennel makes a wonderful border plant, the frothy fronds will give a leafy backdrop to flowers in the borders.

The garden Mint in a pot needs transplanting to something much bigger, maybe the old earthen ware sink would be perfect.

Another herb for the Edible Edging, the Curly Parsley has survived the winter well, putting on new growth. These plants will do well again this year, but I must remember to plant more for next.

The Rosemary seems confused, in flower and it’s only February. Or maybe it’s “stressed” in the pot and needs some much needed TLC.

The Purple Sage is looking ragged, but it has survived the winter, and will perk up with warmer drier weather.

Sorrel, not strictly a herb I know, but his red veined variety is stunning. I must get round to transplanting it soon.

A Purple Artichoke that will find a permanent home on the allotment, it will be at least another year before I get to sample its wares.

A few Strawberries in pots need re-homing on the allotment too. I look at the new growth and dream of sweet sunshine juicy fruit.

So much to do, so many seeds to sow, including the summer herbs of Coriander, Basil and Tarragon, there is plenty of re-potting and planting out, but for now I can content myself with looking at the new shoots.

Curry Leaves

Without curry leaves I think the world would be a poorer place.

CURRY LEAF ~ Murraya koenigii. I can’t face spending over £9.00, plus p&p on a single curry leaf plant. SoI  have bought a fresh batch of curry leaves from an Oriental shop and this morning picked some of the strongest looking stems/twigs, took off the lower leaves and placed some in a glass of water and some, with a bit of rooting powder into a sandy compost mix, to see if I can’t get them to grow myself. I’ll leave them indoors on a sunny windowsill until I see some signs of life or new growth, and then as summer warms up I’ll place them outside, again in a sunny spot.

The rest of the leaves, were stripped from the stalks and frozen in an air-tight container.

Here’s wishing for fresh homegrown curry leaves to scent up our lives

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