The colour of autumn – it’s warming up !

Chill Pepper Harvest 2012_ 1

As I get back into the post holiday swing of life how about sharing a photo of an autumn harvest – promenade style. There are still plenty of pickings to be had in the garden, allotment and the greenhouse, but we’ll go … Continue reading

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You say tomato I say tomato ! and a dippy pepper or should that be a peppered dip?

Pepper Flowers_07_25_12_

You say tomato I say tomato ! That doesn’t quite work written down does it?! But hopefully you know what I mean. I call them Peppers, you may call them Bell Peppers, Capsicum, Pimento, Poivron or Paprika all depending on where … Continue reading

Seedlings on a higher plain

Chillies (4)

All around the northern hemisphere gardeners are taking over their homes with pots and trays of seedlings, there’s Karen over at Back Road Journal whose beautiful bathroom temporarily housed her tomatoes, Celi at The Kitchens Garden as part of hardening the tomato plants off brings them indoors … Continue reading

Emergence and Soil Watching Duties

The first seedlings have made an appearance.

It’s the time of year when I start compost watching. Regularly checking in on the seed trays to see what has germinated, which translated means popping into the room where they are germinating in the warmth and sun, and staring at compost. Invariably nothing happens for days.

And then when your back is turned, up them come.

It’s a long way to go till summer when I get the first pickings of these tomatoes.

The tomatoes along with the peppers and chillies, have gone on a small journey, a temporary move 3 doors down to our friends and neighbours to look after them while I’m away. Bon voyage mes amis!

Malaccan Black Pepper Crab

Chillies (1) - Copy

As the fresh garden produce gets leaner I rely on what I’ve stored and gathered from earlier in the year and there are always chillies in the freezer and garlic in the cupboard. The chillies here are a mixture of Pretty … Continue reading

Seed Saving isn’t always a beauty to behold

lemon Drop Chillie

To the uninitiated that is I’m planning on saving seeds from my Lemon Drop Chillie that I over-wintered and as I’m growing other varieties, like Thai Red Hot and Pretty In Purple I need to isolate the budding chillies so they … Continue reading