Cannellini Beans ~ How to grow, store and cook shelling beans (revisited)

Cannellini Beans 2

I couldn’t go away on my holidays and not take a seed catalogue or two for light reading could I? And it’s not like I have ENOUGH seeds already, it’s just that you never know what else I might fancy … Continue reading

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D, E and F – I think Promenade Plantings is morphing into Sesame Street !

08_17_12_French Beans (11)

Fancy continuing the alphabetical tour of the allotment, garden and kitchen…… D is for Dill pickles and Dwarf French beans, we’ve already seen the Dahlias D is oops I forgot to sow Dill this year, but I am making Dill Pickles. I’ll post … Continue reading

We’re off, we’re off, we’r e off in a motor car

We’re off

We’re off

We’re off in a motor car

60 miles an hour

And we don’t know where we are

Do you remember singing that, sitting round the camp fire in your brownie uniform, bobble hatted and knobbly kneed? No? Oh well just me then !

We’re off up ooop north for a long weekend and to celebrate my nieces 18th. The greenhouse plants have been watered, the bags are packed and most importantly the wine gums purchased.

My hometown Manchester will no doubt welcome me with low cloud and rain but family and friends will provide the warmer welcome. But picture me on arrival, getting changed into my glad rags and heels, glass in hand, chat-chat-chat, and then later in the evening A Dancing Queen, aka doing embarrassing auntie dancing, it’s just too easy to embarrass an 18 year old isn’t it?!

And for our return journey I get to pack my brother into the car, he’s coming to spend a few days on the coast – but as he’s a gardener I might just have one or two jobs I need some help with – talk about a bus man’s holiday ! Or maybe that’s mean and we should go for lovely walks along the coast, stop off for some fish and chips and pop into a pub or two along the way? Ahhh that does sound a bit better.

So in the meantime and courtesy of the joys of WordPress I’ll leave you with some peas. Purple Podded (Robinsons’ Purple Podded Peas to be precise). Growing well on the plot – the first handfuls are being picked and eaten. They are another of the climbing heritage peas I grow – slightly squared in shape, not as sweet tasting as some of the others, better cooked into dishes as opposed to eating them raw.

We made a risotto of the peas and broad beans - a chopped shallot, a clove or two of garlic, a slug of white wine, good Arborio rice, vegetable stock and a lot of stirring, And towards the end a knob of butter and some freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Followed by a simple freshly picked green salad, but more on that another day.

Or how about an even quicker summer pasta of Linguine with broad beans, peas and mint with a touch of chilli oil for those busy, busy days when you need to make a quick meal and have fresh produce to use up.

Toutes a l’heure mes amis

Anymore campfire songs?

One, two three ‘- Kumbayah me Lord, Kum ba yah…..‘ I know I know maybe good old ‘London’s Burning, London’s Burning, Fire, Fire, Fire Fire……. ‘ ooo you are bound to know this one ‘She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes, (when she comes). ……. ‘

Ok it’s still just me isn’t it !