Lessons from Lavender Cottage 1947

Lettuce Ice Queen

Lettuce soup as a starter for smart food thinking An article in The Guardian Cut Your Food Waste tells me that the amount of food we throw away in the UK is frightening.  “The average UK household throws away 5kg of food a … Continue reading

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You say tomato I say tomato ! and a dippy pepper or should that be a peppered dip?

Pepper Flowers_07_25_12_

You say tomato I say tomato ! That doesn’t quite work written down does it?! But hopefully you know what I mean. I call them Peppers, you may call them Bell Peppers, Capsicum, Pimento, Poivron or Paprika all depending on where … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Massacre … in the garden

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My thought’s have turned poisonous. Greek and Roman mythology abounds with tales of dastardly deeds, of poisoning lovers and rivals, with marvellously complicated plots and a large cast. It is likely that Cleopatra committed suicide by poison, with Claudius reputed to … Continue reading