Thank you, Merci, Grazie, Gracias, Danke, Ta Chuck !

I had such a wonderful break away, a truly relaxing time. Busy but relaxing.  Well busy might be an exaggeration, let’s just say contentedly happy.  I didn’t think about work or home or much to be honest beyond what was cooking that night, but I’ll fill you in on all that another time, you see I want to say my pleases and thank yous. And I want to say it loud and clear !

I want to say a monster, or should that be a JUMBO sized thank you to my guest bloggers. I can’t tell you what fun I’ve had hosting them on the promenade. From all walks of life. From different corners of the globe. From kitchens and gardens. So much to share and enjoy.

The guest blogging idea was one of those flash-in-the-pan bright ideas and I just went with it without really thinking it through. But you know what, I didn’t need to think it through as it’s all been so brilliant. Would I do it again? Definitely. It means I get to share some of my favourite blog writers with my friends, spreading a bit of blog love around is good isn’t it?

I hope my friends and regular readers enjoyed them, maybe you have found a new recipe, learnt something new or even better made a new connection and friend.

So today’s photo’s are for my guest bloggers, my friends, as my thank you to them for creating such wonderful posts, entertaining and informative, thoughtful and beautiful. For promenading :) So how about coming on holiday with me, we can take a promenade…….

First up thanks to Shenandoah from Fleeting Architecture for her grilled, or should I say barbequed Brussel Sprouts and Salmon,  I think you might have enjoyed a walk through the grounds of this beautiful house and gardens.

To Sawsan from Chef in Disguise for her spicy pumpkin seeds and giving us all a great tip on how to prepare them, I hope you’d enjoy a stroll down a typical Devon country lane, with the late autumn sunshine giving us light and shadows.

To Cathy from Words and Herbs for giving us a tasty classic German dish with a twist - rosti and apple sauce, maybe we could wander around the grounds and pluck an apple from a tree and cook up a delight

Stacy from Down To Earth Digs  and her seasonal pumpkin Granola, which I can’t wait to try at home, I thought maybe we could walk around the grounds and enjoy the views and the planting, I’m sure we’d come up with some ideas

To Stewart from Putney Farm for giving us a fabulous Right Royal Cocktail  I’m thinking James Bond here, and so timely as we are picking sloes from the bushes and making our own sloe gin, I thought we would enjoy a beer in a pub in a tiny fishing village after a walk along the Devon coastline

To Tandy from Lavender and Lime for taking us around her beautiful Fynbos Garden and showing us the benefits of growing Geraniums, and helping her to identify a plant! I think Tandy would enjoy a walk around some pretty Devon villages with a cream tea which would have to include clotted cream.

And lastly but certainly not least Uru from Go Bake Yourself  for her jumbo sized oh so chocolately cookies, I think we’d need to walk off some of the sshhh calories and we could do that on a coastal walk along the Jurassic Coast on a bright sunny day and stare out to sea and plan what we’d eat that night!

And as I’m home now busy on catching up on my blog reading and all the comments on the Promenade I’d like to say thank you my friends!

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47 thoughts on “Thank you, Merci, Grazie, Gracias, Danke, Ta Chuck !

  1. Thanking people with photos is such a beautiful idea. Wow, the Devon village photo is just gorgeous. Really glad to have found your blog via Chop Chip Uru and Sawsan. Looking forward to having a good browse…

  2. Welcome back. Though the guest bloggers were great, I look forward to your return to your blog and hope to be able to participate more fully in all my subscribed blogs as I recover from my surgery.

  3. Hi Claire! It was a pleasure, and thanks for the lovely photos today! (What a beautiful apple!) Thank you for having me – It was fun, and a great way to get to know some more fantastic people!
    Glad you had a relaxing holiday, and I’m looking forward to hearing a little more about it soon. :D

  4. I loved following your guest’s posts Claire! I think the way that you’ve just offered up your thanks through some beautiful beautiful photos is perfect expression of gratitude…and how lucky for us that we got to read your Thank You card! Glad to have you back! Be gentle, Ease in…..:)

  5. I missed you, Claire, but really did enjoy your guests! Each was very delightful and I always have an interest in reading what other favorite bloggers enjoy. It gives me an even broader glimpse into your passions and delights. I hope you can take a little time getting back into the deep end of life, but that seems hard to do once home! And I love the new look on your blog. It’s really great. You did spend some time in blogging creativity! :-) Have a very lovely weekend.

  6. How sweet this is…..welcome back! And a huge thank you for letting me guest blog!
    I’m late in thanking you–a nasty cold has slowed me down and left me drained of energy. Feeling better today and will have to catch up with blogging. Thank you again Claire–you have the nicest friends. Stacey

      • Good Morning Claire! I just wanted to mention, since you don’t have Maple Syrup available to you, that you can just substitute another liquid for that amount–a little more honey, apple sauce or pumpkin will do the trick. Also, I just made a batch and I actually used Agave sweetener in place of the honey and added a bit more pumpkin puree’. The recipe is very forgiving! My kind of recipe….:) Have a wonderful day! Stacey

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