A Busman’s Holiday

Do you know the expression a Busman’s Holiday?

“A holiday in which you spend most of your time doing the same or something very similar to your normal work. Comes from the late 1800′s, where a man who drives a bus for a living goes on a long bus journey on their holiday.”

Well that’s what I did on Friday, a day out for a blogging-gardenrr-cook. I visited Great Dixter, the garden of Christopher Lloyd

My favourite garden to visit

And all the while I was thinking about the comments left here on the blog, from the last two posts I wrote on being Sociable and Creative and the links with technology.

I want to take some time to pause and reflect on the comments, your honesty, views on life, humour never cease to entertain me – they make me literally stop and think. You’re an amzing bunch of friends!

And all the while I have the most crazy number of photos from my Busman’s holiday to sort and sift, to edit and label. And then I have to work out what I want to say, how I want to present them – a separate page or a dash of colour for winter?

How do I do my best by such a wonderful garden?

A garden that touches me at the core, provokes an emotional response

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49 thoughts on “A Busman’s Holiday

  1. I always think of that expression when we go to a pick-your-own field or orchard…Next Friday, we’ll be apple-picking in Central Massachussetts…I’ll remember it then.
    Can’t wait to see your photos from this garden!

  2. As a chef … every holiday has been bushman’s holiday more or less for me … never heard that expression before … because I have to eat and I investigate restaurants before hand … for my destination. The best food city in the world – that I know of is without any doubts CHICAGO and second place .. London … 3rd – Seattle. Sweden can’t be taken into consideration here. Great shots and nice with you in every photo too, even if from the back. Who took the photos. Fantastic garden too. I been in here … it’s in Rye !!! I lived in Brighton and Dover .. how strange.

    • Hi there, I was reading about how great the food is in Chicago the other day, sounds like I need to go there !!
      And yes, the garden is 10 miles from me in Hastings which is along the coast from Rye …… small world :)

      • You, can click on my tag .. Chicago and I will take you to great places in Chicago. Fantastic city – my number one in overall. Of course you should go.
        Yes, the world .. is sometimes too small and too big.

  3. Never heard of a Busman’s holiday! I so much enjoy getting out and about for inspiration and a quiet my racing mind! Looking foward to your photos!

  4. The title of your post instantly brought to mind the Dorothy L. Sayers book “Busman’s Honeymoon” where Lord Peter Whimsey and his new bride solve a mystery on their honeymoon. :) A gardener who takes pictures of other gardens on his/her break … very apropos. Cute pics already.

  5. Lucky you, going to Great Dixter! I can’t wait to see the photos – however you decide to post them…. It will be a treat for me! One day perhaps I’ll get there too… :D

  6. Ahhh.. and herein lies the problem with catching up with blog reading by going in reverse. But now my curiosity is piqued and I can’t wait to read your last blog. This garden looks spectacular. I’ve always wondered what it must be like to be a “head gardener” for a place like that. It must be so rewarding! I can’t wait to see your photos!! xx

    • :) I’ve wondered what it’ slike too Smidge, in fact we did see him briefly walking around, looking busy! I’m sure its a fascinating job, I’ll just have to pretend I’m head gardener of my own small patch ;)

  7. You got me, Claire. I read the name of the garden and thought it was an amusing coincidence, you visiting a garden named after a (probably) deceased English gentleman who just so happens to share the name of Doc from “Back to the Future.” Imagine my surprise when I clicked the link. :O
    This looks like quite a garden and I hope you’ll share more of it with us.

  8. The photos are fun, Claire. I love to see others crouching down and going for the good angles. Prior to blogging I didn’t always take the time to think about presentation. Now I’ve turned every outing into more of a photo shoot, requiring my companions to wait and hold place while I go about taking hundreds of shots, knowing I’ll only share but a few. I think it has so much to do with what you’re sharing here. I want to be careful that I present things as well as possible, to hold interest, yes, but also because my fellow bloggers have become friends and I don’t want to waste anyone’s precious time. That time is quite the resource these days, isn’t it! I have joked that I need to quite my job and become a full-time blogger! :-) You, too? We could still garden! D

    • Oh god, yes I need to stop working!! Way too many wonderful things to do and not enough time. Think of the travelling we could do Debra…. aahhh it’s a rainy Monday and I’m loving catching up on the blog, but work is there in the background……
      Thanks for popping in Debra, as ever I appreciate your thoughts and comments, hope you have a lovely week.

  9. I only know that term thanks to being married to an Englishman. Looks like you had the most wonderful day immersing yourself in a stunning garden. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about it.

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