Breakfast on the Allotment

Some people whistle while they work but I’m not one of the Seven Dwarves. Others may go to Tiffany’s for Breakfast but I don’t have a branch of Tiffany’s conveniently nearby.

I choose to eat while I work. And under the Promenade Planting classification system gardening is considered Work with a capital W. It’s important stuff this Work and you need to feed the brain, the tummy and the soul. It’s hungry stuff you know.

Eating while you work is OK. In fact it is more than OK it is Good for you with a captial G. The rule is you have to do some work, you can’t just go and graze. What is defined as work is a bit sketchy and if I’m honest open to interpretation. My interpretation.  And it will vary according to season, day, weather, mood, time. That’s the Management Rules.

Picking Autumn Fruiting Raspberries while you work is good. So good. I recommend it. In fact if I was a lifestyle guru that’s what I’d advise for a healthier and happier existence. The lifestyle guru rules would be simple; eat well, live well and play nicely!

Trouble is somedays you are hungrier than others and you get a bit carried away.

Other days you can polish your personal halo as you did sharing.

For some strange reason those days don’t seem to happen very often.

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74 thoughts on “Breakfast on the Allotment

  1. My parents used to send us to pick strawberries without any breakfast. I can remember putting one in the basket and one in my mouth for quite some time until I could not look at another berry for quite some time. There is nothing like the fresh warm berries straight from the vine.

  2. I agree with BAM. There is nothing so enjoyable that popping a just-picked berry in your mouth. Too bad that only it whets the appetite and, with the 2nd berry, the guilty pleasure factor enters the picture, making a 3rd, 4th, 5th, et al, not only possible but nearly inevitable. When you think about it, it’s a wonder berries were around long enough to become cultivated.

  3. Ooh they look good enough to eat. Oh hang an a mo….. :-)
    Nothing compares to fresh berries, picked yourself with a few being eaten along the way. One of my fondest memories from childhood is being at my grandparents’ house and going into the garden to see what we could find. Raspberriies, strawberries, gooseberries, blackberries and then we could head to the fruit trees for more goodies….. Bliss!!

      • Yep happy memories. In fact I could go into the garden of either set of grandparaents and find fresh produce. Although with my paternal grandparents I mainly went for the tomatoes: I think my grandad was the tomato king of Lincolnshire. Gosh was he particular about the growing (and also tha taste) of them! I’m pretty certain that’s where I get my loathing of the supermarket mass produced tasteless versions from :-)

  4. I chuckled to see nothing but the twigs you left behind after the breakfast chomp!!! Hahahahaha. Wicked cute Sunday morning post, and absolutely beautiful fruit in your last photo!!!

    • I was mid way through chomping the raspberries when I thought, oops better take a photo before they are all gone, then I had the silly idea to take a photo of the stripped plant! The things you think of when blogging and eating and gardening :) Hope you had a great weekend

  5. Luscious summer photos! How different our world will be in a few short months. I am savoring the ruby red berries as they are a very special treat! Sharing is optional!

    • Our worlds will be so different in a month or two, the colours will change, the air will be cooler, the leaves will be off the trees…… I just need to hold on to these summery days a bit longer Deb!!

  6. Beautiful berries….no wonder you ate them right off the vine! I have been thinking about planting some berry bushes in the fall…I think your blog post just convinced me this is something I should do. Thanks.

  7. What fun! I do exactly the same thing with the few ripe figs that have got through to maturity this year. Admire them and eat them warm from the tree. Work has to have its Perks :)

    • Oh you have FIGS, I bet they taste amazing!! Our fig tree is about 3 years old, still a baby and I’m still waiting. But I’m in it for the long haul :)
      And I see Perks has a capital P, very appropriate Joanna !

  8. Ah yes, we are eating tomatoes in the garden now in suburban Maryland. Last year was raspberries, but they began to take over all our raised beds, so DH pulled them all out. Will have to start afresh next year. Luckily in this climate, raspberries are a weed! Great photos, Claire, thanks!

    • Raspberries can take over a bit can’t they. There are some varieties that are less prone to that, I know some of mine don’t sucker and create millions of baby raspberry plants so it might be worth looking out for some of those

  9. Well, Claire, with this post you may have become MY lifestyle guru! I like your rules! With everyday, I don’t know about you, but I am getting older! And with that knowledge comes an awareness that it’s a good and beautiful thing to eat well, live well, and play nicely! You can’t remind me of that notion too often! :-) What a nice way for me to begin another week! Debra

  10. I’m definitely missing my berry plants which were pulled for the placement of our chicken coop. Next year, I must replant.

  11. I’ve been popping grapes into my mouth as I muck about in the greenhouse. One of the vines is tied into the roof ridge, and it always offers up ripe grapes before the other vines do. Happy gardening!

      • We just have not gotten to planting berries yet–Raspberries for sure and I’m going to plant some blueberry bushes because with the Pine Tree’s my soil is suppose to be perfect for growing them. That’s from the farmer up the road, at least! There just never is enough time to get everything done….and no I’m not giving up blogging with my garden friends! :) Stacey

  12. Raspberries have had a special place in my heart (and always room in my belly!) ever since I was a child. We had a raspberry patch when I was little, and we left that house when I was about 7. I remember it being a jungle of canes and vines to go adventuring through in search of ever-more sweet fruit. The task set before me was to pick a bowlful for jam or popsicles. The actual success of that plan depended upon the number of berries available to first over-fill my stomach, and then provide leftovers for the bowl…


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