A, B, C of August

A is for Artichoke Flowers, the show is about to start on the allotment

A is Also for Abundance – A Carrier Bag of Crops

B is for bluergh Blight has hit some of the tomato pants growing in the garden, not surprising with the recent humid weather

.A better B is a Bowl of juicy Blackberries, destined for a version of Creme De Cassis

C is for a Cheery looking Canna in the garden

C is for Cornichon creeping across the allotment, more of these to come, along with the pickling recipe

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69 thoughts on “A, B, C of August

  1. Beautiful photos! It looks like a good year for your plot! Blackberries are coming ripe here, too. Not enough yet for pie, but I’ve been putting them in pancakes, muffins and cereal for a week now. Thanks, Claire!

    • Thank you Cindy, as with all gardening it’s mixed fortunes, some things are thriving, others well they’ve bene struggling, I’m not sure at all if I’ll get many pumpkins, but looking on the bright side of life there are blackberries :)

    • It’s like a pickle factory around here, except one run by a mad scientist! I’m experimenting with recipes at the moment, so far I’m favouring the traditional French Cornichon recipes…….

  2. What a great, creative post, Claire, and wonderful way to celebrate your garden and its harvest. Continued good luck, especially with the pickling. (Though, I don’t think you can be a mad scientist if you think you’re a mad scientist.)

  3. I am sure enjoying looking at your garden goods! It is so encouraging, because mine are gone. The summer here proved to be just too much for my poor plants. I tore EVERYTHING out and we are in the midst of putting together raised beds. I will temporarily put up a makeshift fence to keep the geese out, so that I can get my peas and broccoli, etc. started for fall and winter harvesting. This should prove to be a more satisfactory season. Oh yes, and we have rain again! :)
    ~ Lynda

    • It sounds like you are quite determined Lynda ! It seems we have a constant battle with the weather – too cold, wet, dry, hot, windy – but with your tactics to stop the geese nibbling and cooler weather it sounds like you should be successful ! Happy gardening :)

  4. Each photo is just lovely, Claire! I love the creativity of your ABC’s! The photo of the artichoke flowers is just gorgeous. What beautiful colors. Dare we think you’re going to go forward with the alphabet? We might learn more. I didn’t know you were growing blackberries, too. I’ll just add my voice to the others to say I find them to be a prize in any garden! :-) Debra

    • I was feeling a bit impatient with the artichoke debra, as I’ve been waiting for seemingly AGES for it to flower, so yes I do plan a wee artichoke show :) And I’m debating the rest of the alphabet – today is D for damp, and I’m trying to work out how to illustrate that :)
      Oh and the blackberries came with my plot as part of the fencing/boundary so they are a freebie !

    • For some reason I would have thought your blackberry season was about now, oh well shows you what I don’t know ! I bet you are in a bean and cuc frenzy – I think gluts just test our imaginations :) And thanks Marie, the artichoke photo is a favourite of mine too

    • The artichokes were given to me so I don’t know what kind they are – so they come under the general “allotment artichoke” description. And yes I’m waiting and waiting for it to flower :)

    • The berries are part of my boundary/fence on the allotment so come free with the plot! Nothing better than a forrage, even if it is on my doorstep !
      And yes Sharyn, I plan to make a creme de cassis, I know the original calls for black currants but I didn’t have enough this year, but I do usually have lots of blackberries. …..

  5. Adore your blogs new look! The opening photo of the artichoke is my favorite. It’s a pleasure to see your garden progress. Summer is finally here!

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  8. It is great to see what your side of globe has for its harvests. We in Midatlantic U.S.A. don’t have the mild winters to grow an artichoke, but the flowers look lovely. Ours are grown in California, but maybe….our cannas are also blooming, and tomatoes are our main harvest right now. Cucumbers and melons too. Best to you!

  9. I love this post! Beauty, humor, delights abound. Blackberries are one of my perennial favorites, and liqueurs are so fun to make. I’ve not tried my hand at pickling, only the quick varieties, but I’ve no doubt that your cornichons will be fabulous. And I agree with all the others here: what a spectacular artichoke photo.

    My only concern at the moment is how uncomfortable the tomatoes must be with Blight in their pants!! ;)



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